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Beginners Start Here Whats New


All students new to Dancing with the Queers get the first class FREE when signing up for the month. Returning students get our undying gratitude.

Thinking of stepping out?

Been watching Dancing with the Stars? Don't you wish it were a bit more...us? Have you ever fantasized about Fred Astaire dancing a rumba with Rock Hudson, or Ginger Rogers waltzing Audrey Hepburn through Paris in the spring?

Here's your chance! Whether to whirl that special someone around the dance floor or to come to the next Gay Games with us, our same-sex ballroom & latin classes are a great place to start. Even if you think you have two left feet, we can get you up and Waltzing in no time.

No partner or experience necessary.

Reasons to dance:

  • Improve posture, balance & poise
  • Exercise without going to the gym
  • Meet people and make new friends
  • Show off (or at least feeling more confident) dancing at weddings & black tie affairs
  • Wear fabulous costumes -rhinestones et al!
  • Fend off Alzheimer's by using your brain and body in a different way

Same-sex dance classes offer:

  • Riotous fun
  • A place to meet new queer people
  • A place to try something different on your own, with your friends or a partner
  • A supportive and safe place to lead or follow and express your inner personality

Walk in, dance out.

Join Dancing with the Queers Beginning Ballroom classes:

Sunday Beginning Standard

This is a three month class where you will learn a routine in Waltz, Tango and Quickstep and be able to take it out on the dance floor, whether for social dancing or for competing. September starts with the waltz.

We will study technique, floorcraft, styling, footwork and more in each dance. We work on one dance per month. We strongly encourage you to take the full bronze class at least twice through. Once you have taken six months, you will have been through all of the basic Bronze steps which gives you a good foundation before moving on to the intermediate level.

There are many local opportunities to dance socially and to compete, should you chose to do so. We encourage you to help each other and practice together. This class rotates partners.

Sunday Beginning Latin

Beginning International Latin Ballroom taught by Zoe Balfour- Each month we will work on a different Latin dance: Cha Cha, Rumba and Jive.

Complete Program, Pricing & Step Sheets


Other Beginner Same-Sex Classes/Events Whats New


If Sunday does not work for you or you are interested in other beginning partner dance classes, such as East Coast, West Coast Swing, Country Western Two Step/Waltz, Salsa....you can start at the following places:

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